Building Trust and Partnership Between Jews and Christians

Founded in 1997, Messianic Jewish Theological Institute (MJTI) is a school with a special interest in Jewish-Christian relations. This comes out of MJTI’s unique ethos where the staff and most of the students straddle the Jewish and Christian divide.

We are an academic meeting ground, and a bridge of peace and understanding between these two faith communities that have experienced enmity for centuries. In order to better facilitate concrete initiatives that positively impact this relationship, the MJTI Center for Jewish-Christian Relations (CJCR) was established in 2009. The Center has begun to make a significant contribution to building a new partnership between Jews and Christians.

The historical parting of the ways between Judaism and Christianity resulted in a dysfunctional relationship between Jews and Christians that prevents them from partnering together for the common good. Massive misunderstanding and prejudice exists on both sides about the beliefs and practices of the other.

The effects of this damaged relationship between the two traditions is seen starkly in how Jews and Christians view the nation of Israel, intermarriage, sacred texts, boundary crossers, their shared history, and in how they speak and act toward one another.

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