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School of Jewish Studies

Welcome to the MJTI School of Jewish Studies.

The School of Jewish Studies was established by MJTI in 2005. We serve the Messianic Jewish movement and the wider community by providing graduate education opportunities in Messianic Judaism within the context of Jewish history and spirituality. We offer a complete distance-learning Master of Jewish Studies degree.

As an educational establishment, the MJTI School of Jewish Studies seeks to advance a Messianic Judaism that is academically sound, spiritually vibrant, and sensitive to the demands imposed by both the past and the future. At the same time, we are committed to serving our students. We offer our core courses on a regular, rotating basis.

The Graduate Certificate in Cantorial Arts is offered to students who are called by God to serve as cantors in Messianic Jewish congregations. In addition to becoming skillful as musical Shlichey Tsibur (representing the people in prayer) of their congregations, graduates will accumulate knowledge to officiate in life cycle events and worship services such as Shabbat, Festivals, and Holy Days.  They will also have the knowledge and capacity to institute and create a music curriculum for religious schools and B’nei Mitzvah.  Graduates will be able to serve as clergy partners, collaborating in developing worship services to provide spiritual, educational and musical leadership in congregational and communal settings.

While enriching their knowledge and experience with Jewish musical traditions, liturgy and history, graduates will be able to incorporate Jewish tradition with the New Covenant in a way that will permit Yeshua Hamashiach to be exalted within the service.

MJTI's School of Jewish Studies Foundation Courses present the unique opportunity for students to take adult education level courses both on site and online. There are no prerequisites. The courses are designed to impart a general knowledge of the subject area of the topic, with student and teacher interaction. All courses require 12 class hours of instruction, readings, and a paper and/or examination. Foundation classes are taught by qualified instructors who instruct through the lens of Messianic Jewish biblical and cultural understanding. These courses do not count toward the SJS Master degree or graduate certificates.

Students may earn a Foundation Certificate in Jewish Studies by successfully completing any five Foundation courses, and an Advanced Foundation Certificate in Jewish Studies by completing ten courses. Students may also audit Foundation courses, but this will not count towards the Foundation Certificate.

Students who take only Foundation Courses are not required to apply for admission to SJS. They may simply  register for courses they wish to take, by submitting a registration form and tuition payment.

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